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Meat And Dairy: The Culprits Behind Environmental Destruction?

Meat is delicious. No sensation can compare to biting into a succulent burger and feeling the fatty juices ooze out, filling your mouth with a flavour like no other. And yet, in today’s world, where the environment is becoming an ever-greater concern, should we be worried about our meat addiction? The answer to that question […]

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Back To A Throwaway Society?

As a keen 14-year-old environmental campaigner I find the positive focus on the climate crisis during this global coronavirus pandemic uplifting but also intriguing, is it real?  At a time when worldwide carbon emissions are rapidly decreasing (yay!), I wonder if there’s also a comparable increase in the use of disposables.  Certainly, before Covid 19, […]

photo of baked cookies on brown background

CHOCOLATE: Bad For You And The Environment

Are you a chocolate lover like myself? Do you take hours deciding what to buy based on your cravings or because you are trying to find an ethical brand? Well, my favourite chocolate would have to be KitKat and according to ‘The Good Shopping Guide’, KitKat along with the other top chocolate bars in the […]

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