YouTube GCSE Booster During Covid-19

Coronavirus has severely impacted all our lives. Across the country, we have been plunged into a stressful situation by a less than perfect online education and exams now cancelled. Since we live in an age where education is one of the most critical parts of our life, one of our Youth Leaders, Mohammed Faizan Sharief, […]

NEW: Xplode Mag – Out Now!

Fashion, Culture, Music & Life. This is Xplode. A magazine for YOUth! Led and read by young people. This issue of Xplode Magazine celebrates Black culture, takes a look at Featured Fashion and gives you ways to peak your Environmental Edge! Check it out here and let us know what you think on our socials! […]

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How Does Money Tie In With Mental Health?

Money. For some reason, the word reminds them of stability, however, this might not be the case for everyone. It might bring you shock but financial problems and mental health are linked- according to the Money and Mental Health survey ‘86% of nearly 5,500 people said that their financial situation had made their mental health […]

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Make More In Favour Of Save More

Having some spare cash is the one dream that many of us have as our responsibilities increase. So, want to earn money on the side? Here are some suggestions you can take on board to have that independence to fund your guilty pleasures! Part-time job This might be the most common way to earn money. […]

Get The Best Discounts and Deals This #TalkMoneyWeek

As young people, we don’t like being told to be more financially aware or be budget oriented because we like to have the free-will to spend on things we like. Here are some websites that will allow you to have that freedom to spend but also keep your budget in check! Some may guide you […]

Claim Your Cashback #TalkMoneyWeek

We all shop online, whether it’s clothes or shoes or food shops and takeaways – we all do it. We might even find a discount code to reduce the checkout amount. There is also another way to put some pennies back into your pocket – and it’s quite easy! CASHBACK There are a few major […]

How To Efficiently Save Money!

It’s hard to put your money aside when there are so many influences each day that make you want to hand over your money like there’s no tomorrow! Whether it’s a friend of a friends birthday party or a student lock-in at the Trafford Centre with some amazing discounts on offer, there are some things […]

Best Charity Shops In and Around Manchester

There’s nothing like a good charity shop bargain to brighten up your day. Charity shopping isn’t only a cheaper option to pick up a nice pair of jeans you’ve needed for a while, but it’s also a fantastic and effective way to recycle old items which is great for our environment. Here are the best […]

The Best Take-Away Discounts! #TalkMoneyWeek

Takeaways are everyone’s guilty pleasures and it just got a whole lot sweeter! We’re going to show the best websites and apps to get your favourite foods for less this lockdown! Deliveroo Deliveroo is the takeaway site that keeps on giving! Here, you can search for your favourite breakfast, lunch, restaurant, takeaway and dessert […]

2020 – An Unprecedented Year

Can I just begin to say that this year has been one hell of catastrophic rollercoaster. 2020 was meant to be the year that many were supposed to finish either high school, finish college or graduate from university. 2020 was meant to be the year that new chapters opened, and old chapters closed. Within the […]


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