2020 – An Unprecedented Year

Can I just begin to say that this year has been one hell of catastrophic rollercoaster. 2020 was meant to be the year that many were supposed to finish either high school, finish college or graduate from university. 2020 was meant to be the year that new chapters opened, and old chapters closed. Within the […]

Take Action: Save Millions of Tonnes of Food Going to Waste

Britain is a country famous for food – we host the exceptional ‘Great British Bake Off’, we have colourful curries, perfect pies and fantastic fish and chips – all diverse culinary treats. But is there anything ‘Great’ about the 4.5 million tonnes of food that we as a Nation throw away? It’s also not great […]

5 Swaps For a Sustainable Snack

We all know that guilty feeling, after indulging in a snack only to discover it contains the demon ingredient. Palm oil. None of us want to be part of a food chain responsible for destroying rainforests, but how do we replace it? It’s actually easier than it seems- with far more sustainable items hiding behind […]

Recipe For Oat Milk: The Cow’s Milk Substitute We Should All Be Drinking

I can almost guarantee you’ve heard of oat milk, the dairy milk substitute sweeping the nation. If you haven’t, it’s simple. This “magical” mixture of rolled oats and water seems to be offering a way out of our dairy environmental catastrophe. Let’s face the facts. Dairy farming is the single largest agricultural sector in the […]

COVID-19: An Alternative Guide for Freshers Week

In these unprecedented times, we all have missed out on many important moments in our lives. With young people moving forward to a new milestone such as starting university, it is hard to accept things being contrary to the normal.   One memorable part of university life is Freshers Week; the welcome period for new students allowing them to socialise with other students, learn more about their university environment and find future opportunities related to their course. However, with things […]

Your COVID-19 Alternative Summer Guide!

No-one expected a virus to take control of our 2020. Many people have missed out on celebrating milestones, attending events and having the best summer breaks spent with friends!  Now, we live in the alternative. A year where we must think outside of our usual box; a place where we can’t just head out to […]

COVID-19 + Netflix = Netflix Party!

Netflix has provided people with the ability to watch your favourite TV show or film with friends in a safe, socially distant way by introducing Netflix Party. What better way than to binge your favourite docu-series than with friends?! To use Netflix party, your friends must have Google Chrome to install the Netflix party extension. From […]

COVID-19 FAQs: What You Can and Can’t Do!

Following the COVID-19 outbreak earlier this year, we’ve been inundated with new restrictions to our daily lives. These restrictions are updated often; with new ones imposed based on changes in the number of positive cases locally and nationally. The sheer number of guidance (and changes) can make it difficult to know what you can and […]

COVID-19 Restrictions: What Happens if You Break Them?

Following the outbreak of coronavirus earlier this year, several restrictions have been introduced to our daily lives in an attempt to reduce transmission of COVID-19 and importantly, save lives. One of the restrictions affecting the lives of a lot of young people hoping for a 2020 summer of sun, sea and travelling, is the current […]

Get a FREE Face Mask

Bolton has the highest rates of Coronavirus in the UK and young people make up a large percentage of those infected. We want to help by providing FREE face masks to Bolton’s young people so that we can lead by example because where Youth Leads, others will follow. Fill in the form below for your […]


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