Request a Period Self-Care Pack

Youth Leads UK want young people in Britain to Be Period Proud. We don’t want a world where young people who experience periods have to worry about affording them. This service is for young people up to the age of 19. This is a free service, but you must provide your date of birth to […]

Be Period Proud.

For too long, young people who experience periods have had their education affected, mental health impacted and have found it difficult to speak up if they’re having trouble accessing period products. We want to change that. This questionnaire will help us identify the problems and help us influence decision makers to do something about it. […]

man in blue denim jeans and white shirt holding black plastic bucket

Meat And Dairy: The Culprits Behind Environmental Destruction?

Meat is delicious. No sensation can compare to biting into a succulent burger and feeling the fatty juices ooze out, filling your mouth with a flavour like no other. And yet, in today’s world, where the environment is becoming an ever-greater concern, should we be worried about our meat addiction? The answer to that question […]

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Back To A Throwaway Society?

As a keen 14-year-old environmental campaigner I find the positive focus on the climate crisis during this global coronavirus pandemic uplifting but also intriguing, is it real?  At a time when worldwide carbon emissions are rapidly decreasing (yay!), I wonder if there’s also a comparable increase in the use of disposables.  Certainly, before Covid 19, […]

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CHOCOLATE: Bad For You And The Environment

Are you a chocolate lover like myself? Do you take hours deciding what to buy based on your cravings or because you are trying to find an ethical brand? Well, my favourite chocolate would have to be KitKat and according to ‘The Good Shopping Guide’, KitKat along with the other top chocolate bars in the […]

person holding a green plant

SOLVED: Why You’re Not Eating Sustainably

We often try to buy food sustainably but many of us are ill-informed. These misconceptions, commonly formed by our experiences, are in fact causing more harmful consequences than we ever intended. We’ve rounded up the six biggest myths about sustainable food. Organic Food Problem: Whilst organic food has many benefits it isn’t a flawless solution […]

solar panel

The Dark Side Of Solar Panel Energy

One of the main solutions to reducing greenhouse gas output is using alternate methods of energy production. Solar panels can produce energy without emitting the greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming, but are they as great as they appear?  The processes that factories use to produce solar panels can be incredibly detrimental in ways […]

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The Top Five Tips For Reducing Food Waste

Food waste – everyone makes it, and most of us know we do, but how do we stop? This article covers the tips and tricks to stop polluting our planet and making it less wasteful. Save Your Scraps! One of the easiest ways to reduce food waste is to save your leftovers. Let me give […]

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COVID-19 – Vaccine FAQ’s

AstraZeneca? Pfizer? What are these vaccines? What does this mean for my health? Don’t worry – in this article, we answer all of your FAQ’s, from the different vaccines, to immunity and much more! All the information in this article is supported by Bolton CVS and NHS Bolton and new evidence may have since been […]

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COVID-19 – Myths Of The Vaccine

Unsurprisingly, the rumour mill has been in full force when it comes to such a widely spoken about the issue. COVID-19 is a global pandemic, and the vaccine has been met with plenty of scepticism. Over the last 12 months, rumours have spread like wild-fire, and we’re here to shut down any concerns you may have heard from […]


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