YouTube GCSE Booster During Covid-19

Coronavirus has severely impacted all our lives. Across the country, we have been plunged into a stressful situation by a less than perfect online education and exams now cancelled. Since we live in an age where education is one of the most critical parts of our life, one of our Youth Leaders, Mohammed Faizan Sharief, has used his initiative to break down some vital GCSE subjects into simple and easy to learn YouTube videos to help his fellow students.

Faizan is a 14-year-old student, currently in year nine, who joined Youth Leads as part of our 2020 autumn volunteer programme because he wants to make a change in the community by helping others. Faizan wanted to support his fellow students while schools are closed and made these revision videos with that exact intention in mind.

Faizan created his GCSE Revision Channel on YouTube in October 2020. The content of his GCSE videos covers the key aspects needed to know to pass their GCSE exams in the following subjects: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Computer Science.

He firmly believes that even though coronavirus has turned student life upside down, they can still make a positive out of this challenging time by using his GCSE videos as a revision tool to be inspired, informed and encouraged to advance in their studies.

To check out his videos and show your support to our young and talented Youth Leader, please click on the link below!

Boy in Yellow Crew Neck T-shirt Sitting on Chair

If you want to take part in our latest volunteering programme and become a Youth Leader like Faizan, check out our Join page here.

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