Make More In Favour Of Save More

Having some spare cash is the one dream that many of us have as our responsibilities increase. So, want to earn money on the side? Here are some suggestions you can take on board to have that independence to fund your guilty pleasures!

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Part-time job

This might be the most common way to earn money. Young people search for part-time jobs that they can easily do outside school/college in sectors like retail, hospitality etc. To look for jobs in retail you could possibly search the brand website directly under the career section as many opportunities are advertised on there. To filter out your options to a specific field or location you could use sources like indeed or LinkedIn.

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Small business

Have a skill that you could showcase? Well displaying your work got a whole lot easier thanks to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and even TikTok. Many people these days have pages specifically for their talent, some bake personalised cakes, paint, or design craft work. You can advertise your work by uploading process videos or a good quality picture of your work on any of the mentioned platforms and get commissioned for it.

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Selling clothes online

I think we all can agree that our style preferences constantly keep changing especially with new trends popping up daily. Depop is a marketplace app on which you can sell your old clothing items and spend the money you get to buy from any independent brand of your choice or even just save cash for future use- in this way you are also being environmental friendly.

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Other opportunities

As you progress into university, you can look out for paid student ambassador chances which is a great way to earn some money as your study schedule will not be disturbed and you’ll still have some free time just for yourself. You could also take part in research done by the psychology department that pays well too. There are also some paid online surveys you can do very quickly on websites like ‘PopulusLive’ or ‘i-Say’ to get money or different vouchers that can be used for discounts!

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