COVID-19: An Alternative Guide for Freshers Week

In these unprecedented times, we all have missed out on many important moments in our lives. With young people moving forward to a new milestone such as starting university, it is hard to accept things being contrary to the normal.  

One memorable part of university life is Freshers Week; the welcome period for new students allowing them to socialise with other students, learn more about their university environment and find future opportunities related to their course. However, with things being socially distant this year, here are some alternatives you can consider to make sure you do not miss out on Freshers Week 2020.

Virtual Tours/Fairs

Many universities have organised virtual event students can sign up for to enable Sports Clubs and Societies to give more information regarding how to get involved in their upcoming activities and connect with other potential members. The following information can be found on your university’s student union website or your student portal under upcoming events. 

Your Freshers Guide

This website has 47 cities to choose from and it will provide you with information regarding events relevant to your university in the chosen area and book events that interest you. It also provides you with an opportunity to connect with other students from your university by allowing you to join social media groups with them.  

Social Gatherings

Although some universities will be holding social events on campus to offer students an enjoyable social environment with engaging activities, you will only be allowed to interact with your ‘student bubbles’ that consist of your flatmates only. And mixing with other flats or hosting/attending parties will not be permitted. 


As sponsored partners will no longer be allowed to put up stalls to physically give out free discount offers to students, UNiDAYS is the perfect opportunity to grab student discount offers for retail to food, it has it all! 

We know that this year will look a lot different for many university students and as young adults we have a responsibility to keep ourselves and others safe but there’s still plenty of opportunities to meet up (virtually), make friends and make the best out of the academic year to come. 

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