Your COVID-19 Alternative Summer Guide!

No-one expected a virus to take control of our 2020. Many people have missed out on celebrating milestones, attending events and having the best summer breaks spent with friends! 

Now, we live in the alternative. A year where we must think outside of our usual box; a place where we can’t just head out to our local restaurant, but instead have to book weeks in advance. In this article, we provide a few of the best things you can do as the alternative to your typical summer plans!

Come Dine With (the People in Your Bubble)! 

Give yourself and those in your bubble a challenge. With the foods you currently have stocked up in your fridge and cupboards, each person must create a meal of their choice which the rest of the group has to rate out of 10. The winner is the host with the most points at the end of the challenge! Feeling up to it? Create as many dishes as your current cupboards can cater for! Get cooking!

A Spot of Reading? 

Why not create a virtual weekly book club? Either amongst friends or people in your neighbourhood, host a virtual book club group on a social media app of our choice and meet weekly via Google Hangouts to discuss the book of your choice! Not into reading? Create a weekly fashion group! Find the latest celebrity fashion trends for that week and discuss them amongst your friends in a weekly review! Use this format to create a film club, music club or food club! Create, discuss and engage from a socially distant and safe place! 

Learn a New Language! 

We’ve not had the summer we dreamed of. Trips have been cancelled and memory making is on hold. In the meantime, why not brush up on your languages? Learning a language can be tough, but we have enough time on our hands to make sure that when we take our trips abroad next year, we’ll be fluent in the language of our choice! Duolingo offers the cheapest prices when learning a new language and offers over 30 different languages to choose from! Download from the app store now to become bilingual in no-time! 

Did any of these catch your eye? There are so many alternative and creative things you can get up to with the people in and outside of your bubble. What will you be doing this weekend? 

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