COVID-19 + Netflix = Netflix Party!

Netflix has provided people with the ability to watch your favourite TV show or film with friends in a safe, socially distant way by introducing Netflix Party. What better way than to binge your favourite docu-series than with friends?!

To use Netflix party, your friends must have Google Chrome to install the Netflix party extension. From there, once you have your film of choice at the ready, you can then click the Netflix Party extension, copy the hyperlink and share with friends! There’s also a chat function in Netflix party where you can react or comment on what’s going on! It’s an easy way for you to chill out, watch and chat whilst keeping yourself and others safe! 

Stuck on what to watch?! Here are our 3 top picks on Netflix right now!

Jack Whitehall – Travels with My Father 

They are back in action, this time taking on Australia! Jack and his father have travelled to numerous parts of the world learning about new cultures, whether that be food, traditions or engaging in the history of the towns they visit. It doesn’t go without saying that Jack has a few ideas of his own to add a little excitement to their journey. Season four is out now and if you haven’t watched the previous series, they’re all on Netflix waiting for you to watch!

Down to Earth with Zac Efron

This series presents a new side to the High School Musical star. Zac endeavours to save the planet by documenting and educating others about the one of the world’s biggest issues: climate change. The show comes as an on-the-road experience as well as providing key content towards how to live your best, sustainable life. A very different approach to the TV screen than we’ve seen with Zac Efron before, but we’re here for it!  

Inside No9 

Dark British humour doesn’t get much better than this. The BBC’s sketch, Inside No9 incorporates some of the UK’s best comedians for a series of stories, somewhat attached to the number 9. Each episode has a different plot with guest comedians including Jack Whitehall and Tamsin Greig, who help bring these fantastic and bizarre stories to life. The different story lines per episode make it easy to watch, and a continually refreshing return to after a hard day of studying. Ready to have your mind blown? 

Netflix has a huge range of different series and films for you to dig into. Get searching so you can watch your favourite shows with your friends! 

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