COVID-19 Restrictions: What Happens if You Break Them?

Following the outbreak of coronavirus earlier this year, several restrictions have been introduced to our daily lives in an attempt to reduce transmission of COVID-19 and importantly, save lives.

One of the restrictions affecting the lives of a lot of young people hoping for a 2020 summer of sun, sea and travelling, is the current self-isolation requirements travellers must adhere to when visiting certain countries abroad. Despite the rules, a number of people have ignored the guidance and failed to isolate putting their communities at risk – so, what happens if you break the rules?

Well, a recent case involving a 23-year-old male outlines just that. The Boltonian returned from Ibiza on holiday and has since been fined £1,000 for failing to self-isolate on his return. Despite the rules stating visitors to the island must quarantine for 14-days, the young person failed to do so on his return on August 20. Instead, he ventured out of his house visiting shops, coming into contact with others and even hosted a house party for a number of his mates.

Thinking of travelling abroad? Make sure you’re clued up on which countries are subject to quarantine rules and stick to them on your return. Following them can mean everyone can move towards our ‘new normal’ that little bit sooner (and save you money!)

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