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How To Decide What To Write

The hardest part of writing an article is deciding on what you want to write about. Here, we aim to give you some tips on article inspiration.

Make a list

It’s always helpful to write a list of things that interest you – after all, you want to be writing about something that you are passionate about. A list can include the books you are reading, the movies you’re watching in isolation or the new music that you find pretty good right now. And already you’ve got 3 articles just from those!

How-To articles

Like this very article, our readers love learning new things. You can share recipes or if you have a particular skill like photography you can share your tips on how to get the best snaps for insta.

Articles that answer questions

We’re always looking for answers to questions. Think about the big questions on your mind right now. Could you do some research and write an answer to them?

Problems give solutions

Thinking about the biggest problems you or your friends are facing right now, you could write about that. For example think about a recent problem you solved and write about that – “How I Keep Fit While Gyms Are Closed”.

Use Twitter

Look at the top trending topics and write about those. For example, if Ariana Grande is trending you could create an article on her music: “RANKED: Ariana’s Top 5 Tunes”

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